Our terms in Dutch!

We take in secondhand clothing, shoes, bags, belts, jewelry etc. for women, men and children. The clothing must be washed, ironed and still in fashion. You don’t have to make an appointment, we will have a look at what you bring directly.

We take in a wide range of brands. From H&M to Prada. The only exception to this are the baby articles (until size 80), for this department we only take the more expansive brands.

We now take in Spring clothing!!!!

When can you bring your secondhand clothing

  • You can come by daily, the whole year through, to show us your clothing. However, we take in your clothing until one hour before closing time. If you have large amounts to show us, we recommend to come by 1,5 hour before closing time.
  • From Monday till Friday we take in clothing till 17.00, on Friday (shopping night) until 20.00 and on Saturday until 16.00. When open on Sunday we do NOT take in clothing.

Which articles to bring when?

February - April Spring collection
(Everything for children, women/ men spring articles, NO shorts and slippers yet, in between season articles.)
May - July
Summer collection
(Everything for children, woman and men, only summer articles, light color, shorts, slippers etc.)
August -  September Fall collection
(Everything for children, woman and men, the first winter clothing. NOT YET, big wool coats, sweaters, vests etc.)
October - January Winter collection
November en December Party and Gala clothing
November - January Ski clothing and accessories

We also take in pregnancy clothing and sportswear.

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Selling your secondhand clothing

  • Your clothing will be in the store for an average of two months. After we sell your clothing you will get half of the price we sold it for (ex. Taxes). If the articles are not sold in this period, we provide two options: collect the items or make use of our discount service.
  • If you wish to collect the items we where not able to sell, we will collect these for you from the store and save them for you to be picked up at the agreed time. If you forget to pick up your items we will donate them to charity.
  • You can also choose for the discount service. After the two months selling period we will reduce the prices of your items and keep them in the store a little bit longer. A lot of the time the remaining items do get sold after the price reduction. If, however the discounted items do not get sold we will donate them to charity.
  • We do not keep note of the items you bring. We only keep a record of the items which have been sold. If you wish to make a list of the items, you brought in, feel free to do so.

Your brought in items will be priced by our staff and placed in the store with your client number attached to them. Our staff has a good knowledge of the current retail prices and the wide range of brands on the market. They will put a price on your items by which they know they can sell it for.

It could happen that we will reduce the price on your clothing because of something we did not see when we took it in. We only do this when we discover some irreparable damage. In every case we try to get the best price for the items you bring.

Pick up dates Remaining Items:

Brought inPick upBrought inPick up
January From the of 15th of March, before 31th of March July From the 15th of September, before 30th of September
February From the 15th of April, before 30th of April August From the 15th of October, before 31th of October
March From the 15th of May, before 31th of May September From the 15th of November, before 30th of November
April From the 15th of June, before 30th of June October From the 15th of December, before 31th of December
May From the 15th of July, before 31th of July November From the 15th of January, before 30th of January
June From the 15th of August, before 31th of August December From the 15th of February, before 28th of February

Your clothing is safe.

Second Lifestyle has an anti-theft system and camera security.  At all times we will try to keep your items safe as if they where our own. How ever your items will be in our store at your own risk. We can not be held accounted for them when items are missing, broken or stolen.

Bringing terms and Conditions

By bringing you clothing you automatically agree with our bringing terms whom are listed on this website. 



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